What Kind of Candles?

What Kind of Candles?

I've got lots of scent ideas and themes swirling about in my imagination and I'm very excited to bring them to fruition!

I am still finalizing the details of packing and shipping (much different than jewelry!!), waiting for a few more key supplies to come in, and to finalize my labels.  It's lots of work!!!  There are way too many details for me to list, although I can see myself doing another blog post on that one. 

What I want to tell you are the details of the actual candles.  I am starting VERY SMALL!   I get overwhelmed so easily and I will not be able to churn out loads of candles while still making jewelry.  So these collection releases will be small, perhaps 20 or so candles initially.  

These will be higher end candles.  What makes them higher end?  They are as natural as can be.   have chosen for my wax a coconut blend.  COCONUT?  Yes!  And it is also blended with apricot wax to make a luxurious and creamy blend that is very clean-burning, and also burns very slowly.  These candles will last a long time (with proper wick trimming while burning!!!)  

All of my fragrance oils are phthalate-free.  The scent is wafting around your room and you want it to be as chemical-free as possible.  

As of right now, I am not adding any dye to color the wax.  It is an extra chemical that does lessen the natural quality of the candle and it often dampens the scent.  However, I really do like colored candles and I will offer a colored collection at some point.   

I will start off with 2 sizes only, around 8-10 oz  and a 3-5 oz. size.  This makes production as well as shipping more manageable as I get used to this whole process.  

I will eventually offer smaller 2 oz. tins for a sample pack.  I do have so many more ideas but I just need to hold off on doing too much.  I can get a bit overwhelming!  

Anything else I've forgotten will be in my next blog post.  There's so much I want to share and this beginning stage will see much information on that!  Thanks so much for reading!


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